Vinyasa / Flow

Drop in ALL LEVELS Class. A Vinyasa Flow class that is guided to challenge you to meet your new possibility. Strengthen, rinse and awaken your body and create a calm and peaceful mind.


You will enjoy a set of postures for all levels from beginners to the seasoned Yogi.


A quiet and simple practice targeting the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Postures are held for long periods (3-7 minutes) which gives the body an opportunity to open and release deep tension. Suitable for all levels, class is slightly warm.

Yin Yang

A combination class that takes the flow from yang and the long holds from yin, geared to stretch and strengthen your body.

Gentle Yoga

A slow paced class great for beginners of for those who want to renew and unwind. 

Multi Barre - Begins October 1.

In your multi barre class we combine the use of props including: the ballet barre, light weights, stability balls and resistance straps with small movements anchored in optimum postural alignment to isolate the building of muscles in your core, arms, legs and glutes.  ​Our method is proven to be successful for all body types, and is pivotal in the rehab of most physical injuries.​ Our method was developed through  years  of research with pilates teachers, chiropractors and physiotherapists.

Hot: Heated

Warm: Slightly Heated

Non Heated: Room Temperature