OCTOBER 3 - 17

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Multi Barre Is: A fitness methodology that has EVERYTHING to do with SMALL MOVEMENT, MUSCLE ISOLATION, LOW IMPACT, and RESULTS!  It is all about safety and the shake and the burn!


​Multi Barre Is Not: Anything to do with dance, flexibility, dynamic

movement or cardiovascular exercise.



We combine the use of props including: the ballet barre, light weights, stability balls and resistance straps with small movements anchored in optimum postural alignment to isolate the building of muscles in your core, arms, legs and glutes.  

Our method is proven to be successful for all body types, and is pivotal in the rehab of most physical injuries.

Our method was developed through  years  of research with pilates teachers, chiropractors and physiotherapists.

We love all fitness modalities and believe each of us needs a well-rounded fitness regime.  We love dance, dynamic movement, cardio and even cross-fit -our method is specific in supporting your safe alignment in whatever you do and where ever you go. 


Our Multi Barre Method Instructor Certification Program is for all levels: currently certified instructors all the way to those who are embarking on the exciting journey of beginning their career in health and fitness.   Our program can be used for Continuing Education Credits with The International Yoga Alliance.




The Multi Barre Method 

What is Multi Barre?

The Multi Barre Experience

Effective Teaching Techniques, including critical alignment and efficient cuing 


Anatomy & Kinesiology 

Review of the common muscles and bones used for the MB movements

(OPA) Optimum Postural Alignment

Critical Alignment: What is Critical Alignment? How to watch for critical alignment 


Multi Barre Movement Guide

Includes a PDF printable pdf guide, and videos that both contain breakdowns of each MB movement

Movement Categories 

Movement variations and modifications


Teaching Your Multi Barre Class

In-studio and zoom class creation

Effective Teaching Techniques and Feedback

How to teach your Multi Barre class, with and without props

How to market your classes



Your certification includes:

  • Administration and review of your written test 

  • Administration and discussion of your oral test

  • Attendance and feedback for your practice teaching 30-minute live zoom classes 

  • Attendance and feedback for your final 60 minute live zoom class


30-Hour Training Includes

  • Live launch meeting for introductions, and review of program material.

  • Video Theory Presentations

  • Video Movement Demonstrations

  • Downloadable / printable PDF’s for each module

  • Module review and quizzes

  • Access to our live zoom multi barre classes from our Costa Rica Studio: Playa Negra Yoga Retreat.



Launch Meeting: Saturday October 3 @ 10am

Saturday October 3 @10am MT

Group Introduction

Review of Online Material and Format

Review of Alignment Principals 

Review of Teaching Techniques

Partner assignment for practice teaching 


Class Experience

Complete 10 group classes from our Virtual Multi Barre Class Schedule

Upon completion of each class, submit your CCF (Class Completion Form)

These classes will be offered via ZOOM and included in your program tuition 

Please keep your camera on so we can offer you any alignment cues


Practice Teaching

From October 4 - 16 you will schedule 3 x 30 minute practice teaching classes, of which you will receive feedback on.  Uponcompletion, your final 60 minute class will be scheduled; subsequently, you will receive your Multi Barre Certificate! 



Saturday October 17 10AM MT

Group Closing and Certificate Award


In studio training $695

Virtual Training $395

Financing is available 


Please ask us any questions! We are happy to help!

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